Monday, February 8, 2016

The General Evolution of the Vaccine Industry

For a sneak peek at the high caliber of content presented at BPI West, we had industry expert Rahul Singhvi, COO of Takeda Vaccines join us for an exclusive interview.

In this interview, Rahul Singhvi, MBA, the Chief Operating Officer at Takeda Vaccines starts by discussing the general evolution of vaccine industry over the years and what the industry looks like today. He mentions that companies in the vaccine space today tend to be very insular - controlling all aspects of the process - but continues on to say that Takeda is proudly taking a partnering approach and goes on to explain what that means and why it is important. On top of that, Rahul continues to discuss what he feels the greatest needs and opportunities are in terms of technological innovation, development and manufacturing solutions. And finally makes some bold predictions on the vaccine industries future, and the key trend and opportunities that you should watch for.

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Engineering stuff and techniques that you mentioned on your blog are awesome. Being a electrical Engineer I really enjoy your all posts and learn a lot not only Electrical engineering knowledge but others technologies and tools as well.
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