Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Peptide Vaccine Manufacturing | Interview with Dr. Mimoun Ayoub of CordenPharma

"The concept of designing immunomodulating peptide cocktails and trigger the immune response has been mainly initiated by biotech companies who owns more than 80% of the current cancer vaccine pipeline."

In a recent interview with TIDES, Mimoun Ayoub, Ph.D., Director, Global Peptides & Injectables Platform, CordenPharma, Switzerland, shifts the focus towards the topics that will be addressed in his talk at the upcoming TIDES event. In his talk he will be examining the peptide vaccines that are designed to activate B-cells and killer T-cells to recognize cancer cells as foreign agents. Cancer cells have surface protein modifications such as phosphorylations and glycosylations that differentiate them from healthy cells. The peptide epitopes used are usually fragments from these modified proteins. These "cocktails" of peptide fragments can be further engineered to increase their immune activity and plasma half-life by constraining the peptide backbone through introduction of cyclization or non-natural amino acids in the sequence. The production and analytical challenges related to cocktail peptide vaccines will be discussed.

In the interview, Dr. Ayoub also addresses:
  • The role peptide vaccines play in the in the development of novel cancer therapies
  • Regulatory challenges during the development and manufacturing of peptide vaccine "cocktails"
  • Future delivery methods for administering peptide vaccines

To learn more from Dr. Ayoub, join him at IBC's 18th Annual TIDES event this May in Long Beach, CA where he will be chairing the Peptide Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls track as well as speaking in a session titled "Peptide Vaccine Manufacturing : Drug Substance and Drug Product CMC Challenges" Download the brochure to access the complete agenda and speaking faculty. 

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