Thursday, August 27, 2015

Exciting Trends in Bioprocessing

A White Paper Exclusive
By Alfred Doig and Susan Dana Jones, Ph.D., BioProcess Technology Consultants, Inc.
Getting products onto the market as quickly as possible still remains a key driver in the development of recombinant therapeutic proteins. Any advance in bioprocessing is of particular interest to the industry if it significantly shortens the development timeline or improves the end product. Even better are advances that do both. In the monoclonal antibody (MAb) area, platform processes have enabled companies to standardize on specific mammalian cell lines, transfection approaches, process conditions and downstream processing to shorten the development timeframe.
Access an exclusive white paper to read about several interesting trends in two development areas, which have the potential to shorten the development timeline still further.
Does this topic interest you? If so, we invite you to attend the BioProcess International (BPI) Conference & Exhibition, scheduled for October 26-29, 2015, is the world's largest gathering of bioprocessing and biomanufacturing scientists, executives and technology providers, bringing over 1,600 attendees, 150 exhibitors, 160 speakers and 100 posters to Boston—providing the most effective platform to launch or learn about new products, showcase and evaluate new bioprocess technologies, share and receive input on scientific research and meet the industry's leading innovators in bioprocess development.
BPI covers all phases of bioprocess development including upstream, downstream, analytical, formulation, manufacturing, quality/regulatory and drug product/fill-finish.

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