Thursday, August 27, 2015

Listen to the Cell Culture & Upstream Processing Podcast Series

At BioProcess International Conference & Exposition, the Cell Culture & Upstream Processing track will feature process development scientists, engineers and technical experts sharing their recent achievements in reducing timelines and cost of goods while increasing efficiency and productivity through implementation of disruptive approaches and technologies.

Today, BPI is recognized as the leading bioprocessing industry conference where industry and academia come together annually to share technical, scientific and strategic innovations. BioProcess International Magazine is the exclusive provider of pre-conference podcast interviews with speakers who offer their expert perspective and commentary on the scientific trends impacting Drug Product Manufacturing & Fill-Finish Processing; Cell Culture & Upstream Processing; Recovery & Purification; Manufacturing Strategy; and Analytical, Formulation and Quality.

Prior to the conference, this exclusive podcast series gives you access to three interviews with top industry leaders.

First, Barry Buckland, Senior Advisor, Protein Sciences, discusses development of a scaleable and productive insect cell culture-based process for making Flublok, the First FDA licensed recombinant influenza vaccine. Buckland will be presenting at 11:30 am on Wednesday, October 18th at BPI.
In addition, Michael Butler, Professor, University of Manitoba, talks about modeling of glycosylation – predicting profiles of glycosylation from metabolic data. Butler will be presenting at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, October 27th at BPI.

And, Trent Munro, Principal Scientist, Amgen, discusses high-throughput multi-parametric clone screening approach for the generation of tailored production cell lines. Munro will be presenting at 8:05 am on Tuesday, October 17th at BPI.

Listen to all three interviews here:

These podcasts allow you to get a glimpse of what you will experience and learn while attending along with kick-starting the questions you may have for these speakers at the 2015 BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition in Boston.

Thank you for experiencing the BPI Conference Pre-Event Podcasts and we hope to see you in Boston, October 26-29! For more information about the conference, click here:

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Hope to hear good new about increasing efficiency and productivity through implementation of disruptive approaches and technologies.
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Cell culture is significant in cell researches or some relevant fields like cell-based membrane protein expression.

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