Thursday, January 31, 2013

White Paper: Characterization of Raw Materials Used in Mammalian Cell Culture Performance

In the white paper Characterization Of Raw Material Influence On Mammalian Cell Culture Performance: Chemometrics Based Data Fusion Approach, authors Hae Woo Lee , Andrew Christie and Seongkyu Yoon they look at the soy hydrolysates, and correlation between multiple spectra and cell culture performance.  Performance of mamallion cell culture processes, as well as the often added plant protein hydrolysates which are added to increase the protein production, are constantly inconsistent and have a great impact on the quality of the final product.  So, in this white paper, new tests were performed to find a way to find a reduction in the variability of the final product.

The conclusions of the test were:
In this study, the  multiple spectra of  different soy hydrolysate lots was analyzed in order to develop a fast screening tool for the raw materials in mammalian cell  culture processes. By using a chemometric approach, it was demonstrated that  data fusion of different spectroscopic technique can be used to reveal lot-to-lot variability, as well as vendor-to-vendor differences of soy hydrolysate, which cannot be avoided for these chemically undefined raw materials. At the same time, the prediction models for estimating cell growth and productivity of mammalian cell cultures from near-infrared spectra were constructed, providing estimation of  the cell culture performance under conditions of varying soy dosages in a cell line-specific manner. 

Read the full paper here.

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