Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Pharma Industry and Energy Usage

Pharmaceutical companies implementing environmental sustainability initiatives stand to gain immediate cost savings. These savings will not take years to appreciate; tremendous cost savings can be seen within the first 12 months. Here’s a snapshot of just some of the cost savings pharmaceutical companies have experienced in their first year of initiating sustainability programs:

• A pharmaceutical company making a strong move towards green chemistry has the potential to see up to a 40% hazardous waste reduction in one year.
• AstraZeneca’s green chemistry efforts have lowered their material and energy costs, reducing the cost of API generation by 80%
• Baxter’s EHS programs have generated cost savings of $4.4 million
• A recent in-depth analysis of Novartis’s energy efficiency and waste reduction programs have shown that the $20 million dollar investment was recouped in 10 months
• Novartis’s energy efficient pilot project for Penicillin V production has delivered annual cost savings of $5.1 million

In such troubling economic times, the millions of dollars in cost savings through going green will have a tremendous impact on your company’s bottom line and with shareholders. The Green Pharma Summit gathers the pharma industry’s green leaders, who will share with you successful strategies to implement sustainability programs so that your company can start benefiting from cost savings and efficiency improvements right away.

The Green Pharma Summit is about how Pharma is going green. Pharmaceutical companies are discovering that going green is not just for altruistic reasons, but that going green actually has benefits to the bottom line. Going green saves and makes money. If you'd like to network with other professionals who are working in the Green Pharma field, join our Green Pharma LinkedIn Group!

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