Friday, June 19, 2009

Delivery of Biologics & Beyond

According to forecasting firm EvaluatePharma, six of the top ten drugs and half of the top 100 drugs in 2014 will be biologics. Predictions for biologic blockbusters include products from Roche, Wyeth, Amgen, Abbott, J&J and Schering Plough, with the top selling product being Roche’s anti-cancer antibody drug Avastin at $9.2 billion in annual sales. This analysis shows overwhelming evidence on how important biological drug development is to pharma pipelines. Pharmaceutical companies need faster and more efficient ways to formulate biologics and to further expand pipelines and competitive advantages with needle-free delivery.

Delivery of Biologics & Beyond, taking place September 23-25th in Boston, brings together senior-level scientists and technology/product developers to share the newest advances and address your most pressing challenges in formulating and delivering biologics and nucleic acids. Explore the latest case studies, discover the drug delivery technology advances for needle-free delivery of large molecules, and establish what technologies hold the most promise for advancing your biologics and RNAi pipelines.

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