Thursday, January 22, 2009

Drug Delivery Partnerships Live from the Red Rock

It is with great pleasure that we launch IIR's Future of BioPharma blog live from the 13th Annual Drug Delivery Partnerships event at the Red Rock Resort and Spa in Las Vegas, NV.

The Executive Director, Tricia Carle opened DDP this morning and introduced the conference co-chair Dr. Peter Kramer, Executive Director of External Science & Technology, Strategic Transactions Group at Bristol Myers Squibb who remarked that we are at the cross roads of change and innovation in the Biopharmaceutical drug delivery industry. He then introduced Debra Bingham a partner at Valeo Partners who kicked us off with a Letterman style Top 10 list of the 2008 Events that will Impact in Drug Delivery in 2009.

10. Branded DD products go generic
9. Nektar sells inhalation business to Novartis for $115 million in October 2008
8. The dismantling of Alza - Acquired for $12 billion in 2001
7. Pfizer pulls Exubera from the market in 10/07 and Novo stops development
6. Pfizer reports lung cancer in study and Nektar discontinues Exubera partnering
5. 2008 Roche acquires Mirus for RNAi delivery for $125 million
4. Jan 27, 2006 inhaled insulin approved
3. Large restructuring of big pharma 2006- Present creating an entrepreneurial spirit
2. Mandate for healthcare policy change in U.S.
1. The current financial crisis

So what will the impact of these events be?
  1. Regulatory pressures and changes (regulatory, pricing, generics, doctor relationship controls)
  2. Increased financial pressure on CEOs and boards of emerging companies
  3. Increased M& A activity
  4. Pay and regulatory pressure to prove the benefit of rug delivery - What is the value proposition of our technology not just in extending patents but in increasing value for the end user and convincing third party payers that your product is worth reimbursing
  5. Continued opportunity to enable delivery of difficult therapeutics
Stay tuned for more Drug Delivery updates live from the Red Rock! And be sure and sign up for our DDP LinkedIn group to continue networking with industry peers.

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