Friday, October 2, 2015

Equipment and resources are the key Bottlenecks in cell therapy commercialization

Nick Timmins PhD

In the final session of day two at Cell Therapy Therapy Bioprocessing & Commercialization, Nick Timmins PhD, director of product and process development at the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine, told attendees that the key bottlenecks and technology gaps in bioprocessing and commercialization of cell therapies are centered around equipment and resources.

He said that while each had different reasons for occurring and different solutions, each delay and prohibit your outcome. “The ideal pathway would be two parallel lines that increase in profits and production,” he said.

Timmins referred to three main issues in technology that often present themselves; connectivity, automation, and data capture & use. “These major gaps in the process are difficult to implement a solution for and require detailed thought out execution,” he said.
As he continued to explain different scenarios and cases of how bottlenecks and technology gaps have prohibited growth, Timmins concluded his talk with two major takeaways:
One; think beyond a single batch – industrialization, plant and equipment utilization, and theory of constraints.
And two; discriminate between bottlenecks and technology gaps – they are different things with different answers, they also have a different cost vs benefit analysis that needs to be taken into account.

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