Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Broad Institute's GTEx program ending, says Director

The GTEx Project has announced that “GTEx, in its current form, is nearing the end.” The GTEx Project was launched in 2010 to create a data resource and tissue bank for scientists to study how genomic variants may affect gene activity and disease susceptibility. GTEx was set up in response to a boom in genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and subsequent sharp increase in knowledge of the links between genetic variants and human diseases. On one level, knowledge of these variants marked a major advance in our understanding of the root causes of disease and, by extension, our ability to treat or prevent them. However, with most of the GWAS variants not coding for proteins, the molecular mechanisms through which they lead to the development of diseases were poorly understood. This is where GTEx came in.

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GTEx program may transition, in some form, into an international project 

Nick Paul Taylor recently interviewed Kristin Ardlie, director, biological samples platform at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard where she made this exclusive announcement. Ardlie gave some indication of what might happen to the program. “There are several groups that would like to continue and expand the project and the sampling,” Ardlie said. “Our particular project won't be continuing, but there's a lot of interest in pushing a continued project forward, maybe internationally. We've had one meeting already.” announced Ardlie.

For the full interview with Ardlie download the complete report by journalist Nick Paul Taylor here: “Convergence in Boston: How multidisciplinary R&D is driving bench-to-bedside breakthroughs”. No email or registration is required.

We hope you enjoy Nick’s in-depth report. You can catch up with Kristin Ardlie and The Broad Institute’s Genotype-Tissue Expression projects newest research at Biotech Week Boston's Biorepositories and Sample Management event this October. Kristin’s will discuss GTEx Data and Analysis.

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