Monday, August 29, 2016

MIT's BioMAN Announces Global Initiative

MIT's Center for Biomedical Innovation Program(BioMAN) has announced a new global health initiative. BioMAN’s mission is to “develop new knowledge, science, technologies and strategies that advance the manufacture and global delivery of high quality biopharmaceuticals”.

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Stacy Springs, who has been Director of the program since 2008, recently spoke with Nick Paul Taylor: “We have a new global health initiative that hasn't really been publicized yet,” Springs said. “It is very much focused on the different ways we need to think about ... making biologic medicines available and accessible to middle and low-income patients around the world.”

In discussions with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and PATH 

Stacy Springs elaborated on the initiative: “We certainly have been engaged in discussions with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with PATH, and others about our goals,” Springs said. The Gates Foundation is among the organizations already working to drive down the cost of manufacturing, but its focus is limited to drugs against its target diseases. Springs’ nascent initiative is broader in scope. It may, for example, look at ways to improve the availability of insulin around the world.

For the full interview with Springs download the complete report by journalist Nick Paul Taylor here: “Convergence in Boston: How multidisciplinary R&D is driving bench-to-bedside breakthroughs”. No email or registration is required.

We hope you enjoy Nick’s in-depth report. You can catch up with Stacy Spring’s newest research at Biotech Week Boston's Bioprocess International Conference and Exhibition event this October. Stacy will be on a panel entitled "Industry-Academia Collaboration in Translational Research and Biomanufacturing of Next Generation Biologics".

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