Monday, April 18, 2016

The Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit: Earn a complimentary pass as a Guest Blogger!

Earn a complimentary all-access pass to The Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit by serving as a Guest Blogger at the event. As a Guest Blogger, you’ll have access to the Next Generation Protein Therapeutics, and the co-located Cell Line Development & Engineering, and Bioconjugates: From Targets to Therapeutics events’ comprehensive agenda attracting the best insights from around the world, right in San Francisco, California in June.

The Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit
and the co-located 
Bioconjugates: From Targets to Therapeutics and Cell Line Development & Engineering
June 13 - 15, 2016
Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco, CA

The Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit's image depicts Nanobody protein therapeutic molecule

We are looking for an industry expert with interest in the following topics:

• Speed of discovery and development
• Alternative administration routes
• Potency and payload capacity
• New potential targets in cancer
• Half-life
• Robustness of discovery and preclinical development of bispecific antibodies
• Generation of human bispecific antibodies
• Efficiency of CMC development
• Development of large scale, high yield and manufacturing process

• High-Throughput Platforms for Cell Line Development
• Advances in Host Cell Engineering
• Improving Processes and Product Quality
• Improving Biosimilarity
• Assuring Clonality and Stability
• Innovations in Alternative Expression Systems and Novel Host Cell Lines
• Cell Line Development and Modification for Novel Modalities 
• Genome Editing in CHO cells
• Cell Line Development and Modification for Difficult-to-Express Proteins
• Manufacturing Assessment Strategies
• Understanding CHO Metabolisms

• Intellectual Property and Linker Payloads 
• Progress in Combination Therapies 
• Breakthrough Discoveries and Advances in ADCs
• Analytical and Characterization Strategies 
• Eliminating Heterogeneity: Advancements in Site-Specific Conjugation 
• Innovations in ADC Design and Development
• Regulatory Considerations for ADCs 
• From Discovery to Commercialization: Readiness for Manufacturing & Commercialization
• Perfecting the Chemistry Behind Conjugation 
• Conjugate Vaccines and Novel Conjugate Technologies

...and who would like to learn more about protein therapeutics!

The premise is to provide protein therapeutics related articles, whitepapers, and overall original content with a strong focus on the whole protein engineering & design industry.
What You get is:

FREE pass to the conference (valued up to $2,999.00);
• Access to extensive social learning activities;
• Exclusive admission to a networking community in the industry of your interest!

You also have a chance to GAIN exposure through our blog with over 2000 unique visitors monthly and more than 20 related LinkedIn groups with over 65,000 subscribers combined!

Learn more about the The Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit event by visiting our website.

Interested & want to learn more about this opportunity? Please contact Ksenia Newton at Feel free to share your short biography, links to your blog or writing samples, along with a few sentences about why we should choose you to become the Guest Blogger for the Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit 2016!
We hope to have you join us in San Francisco!

* Guest Bloggers are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

* All content is subject to IBC approval.

Stay tuned: 

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