Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Australia's Future in Global Peptide Drug Development

Paul Watt, Chief Scientific Officer, Phylogica Ltd, Australia sat down with the TIDES team to discuss the future of global peptide drug development in Australia as well as the current challenges for intracellular drug delivery and the important roles that academic institutions have in the development and commercialization of peptide therapeutics. Below you will find a brief excerpt from this exclusive interview. To access the complete interview, click here.

In terms of investment and innovation, where do you see Australia's future in global peptide drug development?

Australians have had a long history in peptide discovery. For example the pioneering work of Professor Mario Geysen enabled the parallel synthesis of peptides in the early 80's. More recently Australia has accumulated multiple high achieving peptide scientists such as Paul Alewood (eg. synthesis toxin peptides including use of selenolanthionine bridges), Richard Lewis and Glenn King (ion channel active venom peptides) (including ion channel inhibitors). David Craik (cyclotides and structural biology of complex peptides), John Wade (neuropeptides/relaxins). Australian peptide innovation has been successfully commercialised with the establishment of multiple companies, including Mimotopes, Auspep, Protagonist and Phylogica. As many of these companies mature, I see a bright future in the development of the Australian peptide industry. In addition several peptides discovered in Australia have been subject of multiple alliances with big Pharma offering further commercial potential as they progress through clinical development.

To learn more from Paul, join him at TIDES, May 9-12, 2016 in Long Beach, CA. Where he will be discussing how to design oligonucleotides with better drug-like properties to accelerate your products from discovery/preclinical to the clinic and to market.  

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