Tuesday, January 19, 2016

[Podcast] Biodevelopment Centers; Flexibility, Modular Facilities & the Benefits

Many people think about flexibility in many different ways. One of which, ensure the ability to change very quickly the set-up of pants to adapt the various parts of the manufacturing suites. Flexibility is not only about pushing in or pulling out some new equipment, it’s also about changing completely the way you work in the plant.

In regards to modular facilities, S├ębastien Ribault, Ph.D., Director Biotechnology/Life Science, Head of BioDevelopment Center, EMD Millipore mentioned that they have had a number of different experiences, the first of which was modifying an existing Biodevelopment Center. He said, “We divided the building into two parts. We’ve kept 50% stainless steel and we’ve modified the remaining 50% by making fully single-use” and it turns out that during the modification process, “we kept running the plants”. Dr. Ribault continued “We noticed then, that you can run the plants while making modifications in you are using flexible concepts.”

In this podcast interview, Dr. Ribault discusses:
  • What it means for your Biodevelopment Center to be flexible
  • More experiences relating to modular facilities
  • The benefits he has experienced (at the expected level)
  • The benefits he has experienced (that were not anticipated)
  • The next steps

Listen to the podcast or download the transcript here.

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