Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How will cell therapy change in the next five years?

Joining us in this Cell Therapy Bioprocessing & Commercialization Podcast is Anthony Davies, President of Dark Horse Consulting. Anthony discusses key industry challenges he is seeing, the evolution of the field in the next five years, some exciting new initiatives he is working on, regulatory issues and much more. Below is a brief excerpt from the podcast, be sure to click on the links below to access the complete podcast.

How do you see the field of cell therapy changing in the next five years? 

I believe strongly that the next five years will bring the first significant drug approval. This will be a transformative moment for the field. A lot of players who are sitting on the wings will move in and there will be a big acceleration. Who will benefit from that the most are the organizations and the entities which have spent the difficult, recent years preparing and positioning themselves the best. 

I think we would do well to look around at this point because it will – in a sense – be the calm before the storm. The companies which are working fervently now preparing themselves to be able to take their drugs all the way to commercialization are the ones who are going to step in to the fast lane when the first big approval comes. And as I said, I do think that the next five years is a very realistic timeframe for this to occur.

[The above was a brief excerpt from the podcast]

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