Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#BPIConf: Six Insights on BioProcess Manufacturing Innovation

On the first day of BioProcess International, we were able to sit in on 3M™'s full day symposium Innovation through Integrated Process Development.

Here were our six of our take aways:
  • 1. Rob Piper, Principal Scientist, Amgen on the strengths of using disposables: low investment, small footprint, single/quick expression, short implementation time, reduced qualification/maintenance and fast passed product of change
  • 2. According to Abhinav Shukla, Ph.D., of KBI Biopharma, mixed mode chormotography: examine and incorporate modulators into process that can help increase selectivity and purity of a product.
  • 3. Kumar Dhanasekharan, Director of Process Development of Cook Pharmica emphasized that continuity in process development as should be developed and scaled as production occurs through the different phases.
  • 4. 3M recently conducted the web seminar 3M™ Innovation: Transforming and Redefining Biopharmaceutical Purification with 3M™ Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier – which was discussed throughout the day in the track. See the web seminar here.
  • 5. Rahul Singhvi, Ph.D, MSc., COO, Global Vaccines Business Unite, Takeda Pharmaceuticals brought a different perspective to the table. He challenged production innovators to take a new approach to manufacturing tried and true vaccines the access to childhood vaccines is not reliable, accessible or affordable enough.
  • 6. Holistic approach to biopharmaceutical development – this should lead to a higher performances with lower cost of manufacturing processes.
Stay tuned to #BPIConf to follow along with today's events and check back for more highlight posts throughout the event!

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