Wednesday, October 22, 2014

#BPIConf 2014: Continuous and Optimized Manufacturing is the future of Biopharmceutical Manufacturing

Rizwan Manzer, Scientist with Experience in Pharmaceutical Drug Development, is on site at BioProcess International to capture the insights of our keynote presentations.

On the second day of the ongoing BioProcess International Conference and Exhibition at Boston, the keynote presentation Chair Guenter Jagschies, Senior Director, Strategic Customer Relations, Biotechnologies R& D, GE Healthcare life Sciences kicked off the afternoon keynote presentation with industry reality check. He emphasized the need to bring down the cost of research and development to keep the Biopharmaceutical industry competitive and meet the need of patients.

In the next presentation, John G. Cox, Executive Vice President Pharmaceutical Operation & Technology, Biogen Idec presented Delivering on a Global Biopharmaceutical Portfolio.  Biogen Idec’s strategy for success through innovations in R&D. Protein Development, and manufacturing. He stressed on the need of innovation at each stage of drug development process to meet the need of future demands, especially when different kinds of drugs i.e oligonucleotides, cell therapy, gene therapy are coming to the market. Though, currently industry has surplus manufacturing capacity, but that may change in the next couple of years by 2020 and suggested to adopt flexible and optimized manufacturing model. He also highlighted the importance of continuous manufacturing to bring down the cost of goods sold to make it affordable.

The third keynote speaker of the day, Robert Mattaliano, Group Vice President and Head of Biologics Sanofi- Genzyme R & D center presented Keeping the patients and caregiver’s experience in mind and highlighted the importance of patients and caregivers perspectives for good product development. It is the patient and the caregiver whose opinion matters most in the product design to deliver the best product. He also suggested that with the changing landscape of emerging new combination and format of medicine, biologics should be treated as integrated system with delivery device. At the end of his talk he suggested to spend more time and resources to understand the biology of disease state, since only the better understanding of pathogenesis of disease guarantees and assure the success of new molecule.

Last speaker of the session, Geoffrey Ling, Director, Biological Technologies Office, DARPA enthusiastically talked about Biologically-derived medicines on demand for Battlefield Medicine. He encouraged the bioprocess scientists and engineers to collaborate with DARPA to accelerate the cycle of innovation and manufacturing. He also shared his experience about how his organization expedited the development of FDA approved artificial arms.

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