Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Biopharma's Flexible Imperative

Today, we feature an excerpt from our partners at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing's eBook Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Trends 2013 Excellence Within a Rapidly Changing Landscape.  Download the full eBook here.  They will be joining us at Biopharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Week this March 24-28, 2013 in San Diego, California.

Biopharma's Flexible Imperative

Recently, a number of different trends have converged to demand a new type of biopharmaceutical facility, one that emphasizes flexibility and agility. Drawing this new blueprint are:
  • -Business needs to minimize time lines and financial risks
  • -"Biotech on Demand" and the ability to shore up local manufacturing capacity, quickly, to meet market needs;
  • -National security needs for systems that can easily and rapidly respond to biological attacks;
  • -Urgent national health needs to protect the public from large-scale, fast moving epidemics and pandemics
Today's biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are smaller and more flexible, efficient and cost-effective than those of the 1990s and the are able to adapt quickly to market changes.   
The goal isn't technology in an dof itself, but greater product and process know-how for speed to market.  With modular systems, we can now place an entire small-scale clinical production line inside an 18'x42'x13' (W x L x H) environment.

Download the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Trends 2013 eBook here.

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