Monday, April 29, 2013

Eppendorf develops new single-use bioreactor

Eppendorf has developed the first single-use bioreactor for
microbial applications.

According to BioResearch Online:
The BioBLU 0.3f joins the BioBLU 0.3c which was presented last year and is designed for the cultivation of animal and human cells. Both the BioBLU 0.3c and BioBLU 0.3f are specifically designed for use with the compact DASbox mini bioreactor system. Eppendorf’s DASbox system is a unique mini bioreactor system for parallel operation of 4, 8 or more mini-bioreactors and well suited for Design of Experiment (DoE), bioprocess development screening and for use as a scaledown model. With the new BioBLU 0.3f, Eppendorf is paving the way for users of conventional microbial-based biotechnology to take advantage of, the time and cost benefits of single-use bioreactor technology, such as in pharmaceutical product development.

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