Thursday, January 17, 2013

Virus removal filtration technology

Filtration is a very important process of biologics production. It is the process where the viral contaminations are removed during the manufacturing process. While often the production process including the over site of raw materials, facilities, operations and the manufacturing process. However, no matter how stringent the regulations are for the monitoring process, occasionally, companies both large and small can be subject to a viral outbreak.

According to Biotechnology and Bioengineering:
A variety of approaches has been employed to address the problem of reduced capacity due to virus spiking, including implementing changes in the order of spike addition (i.e., RUNspike), the use of bacteriophages for research studies, and now the implementation of more highly purified mammalian viruses. While the traditional spiking study adds virus at the beginning of the filtration process, the RUNspike method was developed to compensate for any deleterious effects from the spike by adding virus at the end of the filtration run after the desired throughput had been
achieved (Khan et al., 2009; Parrella et al., 2009).

This article goes more in depth on systematically prepared and analyzed different grades of parvovirus with different purity levels and compared their performance profiles on Viresolve1 Pro parvovirus filters using four different molecule. Read it here.

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