Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Session Spotlight: Cloud computing can save the pharmaceutical and life science industry money, but what are the risks?

The primary rationale attracting pharma companies to adopt cloud-based technologies is convenience, ease of operations and reduced cost; allowing them to focus more on research and development of newer drugs, as well as sales and marketing. The primary issue with cloud computing, however, which is making many pharma companies and other potential and current users of the cloud wary, is data portability and breach of confidentiality.

While it is very easy to create and migrate information to the cloud, it is equally, if not more, difficult to take data off from the cloud—which leads to serious concerns regarding data privacy and data control. Do the benefits outweigh the potential risk? What is the best way to understand the cost/benefit of cloud adoption?

Session: HIPAA Compliance and Cloud Security

Topics Include:

• Understand how to maintain patient privacy when using a public cloud and be HIPAA compliant

• How to protect private information stored in public clouds

• Learn how to manage patient information in clinical trials and maintain privacy

At this year's Cloud Computing Congress for Life Sciences, we discuss how to protect private information stored in public clouds, so you can safely optimize your systems. To learn more about the Cloud Computing Congress event, check out our agenda and join us March 21-22 in Washington, DC!

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