Friday, December 21, 2012

IQ Consortium and Allotrope Foundation Discuss Data’s Transformational Role in Pharma!

 Terry Tougas, Chair of the International Consortium on Innovation and Quality in Pharmaceutical Development/IQ Consortium and Gordon Hanson, Chair of the Allotrope Foundation discuss what is going on in the pharmaceutical industry right now to necessitate an event like D4 and how organizations such as the IQ Consortium and the Allotrope Foundation are trying to bring the industry together to standardize data collection and usage.

This podcast includes:

  • Can you tell us what is going on in the pharmaceutical industry right now in data integration that fostered the creation of the IQ Consortium and the Allotrope Foundation?
  • Each of us has better access to data in our personal lives than we do within our own industry, within our own shop and data that we ourselves generate. And this leads to a tremendous inefficiency requiring tedious manual work and re-work of data and documents….How can we make better use of data that we’ve generated and basically do our job much more efficiently than we are doing today?

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As a reader of the Data-Driven Drug Development (D4) blog, you get a 15% discount off the standard rate when using code XP1715BLOGto to register.. We look forward to seeing you January 28-29 in Philadelphia, PA! If you have any questions about the agenda or event, please contact Kate Devery at or visit our webpage.

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