Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stem Cell research will continue to be funded by tax dollars

It’s been a rocky road for stem cell researchers in the United States, with both Presidential administrations and the courts going back and forth on whether federal funding can be used to support embryonic stem cell research. According to a recent Reuters report, the latest round went in favor of supporters of the use of ESCs, as an appeals court ruled that the Obama administration can continue to use federal tax dollars for this research.

NIH Director Francis Collins stated, "This is a momentous day -- not only for science, but for the hopes of thousands of patients and their families who are relying on NIH-funded scientists to pursue life-saving discoveries and therapies that could come from stem cell research.”

Executives at the Cell Therapy Commercialization Summit look to rulings such as these to know the barometer for where support is for cell therapy research, and particularly research using ESCs. With this recent victory under their belts, they can continue move forward with their R&D, preclinical and clinical efforts at producing viable cell therapy products, capable of mass commercialization in the coming years.

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