Thursday, May 5, 2011

Save the Date for the 2011 Cell Therapy Commercialization Summit!

The Cell Therapy Commercialization Summit is the only event where business executives, along with clinical operations stakeholders, learn cutting-edge strategies towards production and commercialization of viable therapeutic products, enabling you to turn scientific business challenges into money-making solutions.

Highlights of the Summit include:
Operational Strategies
• Identify Therapeutic Opportunities to Develop the Most Robust Pipelines.
• Manage Big Pharma Alliances To Ensure Effective Partnering of Cell Therapy Platforms
• Implement Your Partnership to Meet Pipeline Development Goals
• Determine What Pipelines Will Attract Investors in an Unstable Economy
• Ensure your Investments Have Enforceable Intellectual Property
• Outsourcing Your Clinical Trials to Minimize Cost and Streamline the Clinical Process
• Maintaining Quality & Maximizing Efficiencies in Post-Production Logistics
• Sail Through the Murky Waters of Reimbursement For Cell Therapies

Business Strategies
• Choose the Right Design Parameters for Trial Efficiency and Sustainability
• Minimize Waste, Maximize Efficiencies, and Speed Up Timelines During the Clinical Trial Transition
• Maintain the Quality of Cell Therapy Products and Ancillary Materials
• Overcome Cold Chain Inefficiencies to Deliver a Fully Potent, Commercially Viable Cell Therapy Product
• Identify and Establish Optimal Delivery Systems for Your Cell Therapy Product
• Running a Bioprocessing Mechanism that Will Give You a Viable Cost to Goods Model

Visit the Cell Therapy Commercialization Summit webpage.

Collocated alongside 5 industry events at the Clinical Business Expo, it is the one cell therapy conference where you will meet 200+ experts, 600+ attendees, 50+ exhibitors and have 10+ hours of incomparable networking time with invested peers in all areas of clinical development. Find out more about the Clinical Business Expo.

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