Thursday, April 15, 2010

Partnerships 2010: Special Guest Keynote Address: Ethan Zohn, Winner SURVIVOR: AFRICA

This past week at Partnerships in Clinical Trials, Ethan Zohn, winner of Survivor: Africa shared his patient perspective on the Pharma industry and what that industry has done for him. This is co-posted with the Partnerships in Clinical Trials blog. There, you can also find session write ups from many of the Partnerships in Clinical Trials sessions.

Special Guest Keynote Address: Ethan Zohn, Winner SURVIVOR: AFRICA

One in two men and one in two women will be diagnosed with cancer. While it is pressing lives, it is encouraging strength in the nation.

At one time, the word Survivor meant something completely different. Survivor is just a game, but since then, he has been able to show new insights into madness. Ethan wanted to use his money to make a difference in the life of others, so he co-founded Grassroots Soccer to combat AIDS. A moment that changed Ethan’s life was taking goats to children in a village who turned out to be HIV positive. He gave his one possession, a small hacky sack, to a child. The character, values and essence of human spirit is what Ethan was left with when he went to Africa. A lot of this was had to do what helped him win Survivor and beat cancer.

He was diagnosed Hodgkin's Lymphoma , which he discovered while training for the New York Marathon. He went through two types of chemotherapy, both of which were resistant to the chemo.

Science and medicine were on Zohn’s side. He had to have trust in something larger than himself. While on Plan C, he was in a clinical trial that was showing great results. The clinical trial involved radiation, chemotherapy and ended in a stemcell transplant. He wants to let all of Pharma know that they are making a difference. Ethan Zohn is an example of Pharma’s work. He is able to continue living because of this work.

He discovered that it’s not about how we leave this world, what matters is what is given you to you and then you share with others. Zohn has decided to spend the rest of his life this way. He is going to spend his life making sure people don’t go through the what he went through. This is why he battled cancer publically. He chose to share is story through People Magazine. Generosity from others has helped Ethan get through these tough times.

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