Monday, April 19, 2010

Biosimilars could help costs of the healthcare bill

In an article at AIS Health, they look at how the approval of biosimilars would lead to the saving of millions of dollars in the future healthcare bill.

The article stated:
Also known as follow-on biologics or follow-on protein products, these drugs represent a way to bring down health plans’ spend on biologic therapies, which can run tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars per patient per year. Potential 10-year savings estimates vary significantly, but all range in the billions of dollars. Health plans should start keeping tabs on these drugs now so they can take advantage of them when they hit the U.S. market soon. Plans also should consider a variety of ways — including modifying existing formulary tiers — to incentivize patients and physicians to use these drugs.

What do you think? How much of an impact could the approval process of biosimilars have
on the current healthcare bill? Read the full article here.

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