Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 DDP Awards: Technology Innovation Nominee: Isis Biopolymer

Technology: IsisIQ™ Patch

Isis Biopolymer, Inc., founded in 2006, is led by a team of experienced scientists and entrepreneurs accomplished at successful development and commercialization of medical devices, materials and systems design. The company has developed a major advance in intelligent non-invasive transdermal drug delivery, the IsisIQ™ Patch. The patch is a fully programmable, single-use, “band-aid-like” active patch that controls and monitors transdermal drug delivery; ensuring safe and accurate administration through the skin using iontophoresis. An innovative solution to the challenges of today’s transdermal drug delivery systems, the IsisIQ™ Patch features a proprietary selective barrier membrane that facilitates the transport or complete cessation of drug molecules through the skin. Drug transport can be modulated for up to three drugs per patch and is fully programmable for customized delivery and monitoring via an integrated wireless communication platform. The unique single electrode design eliminates variability in drug delivery that can occur with changes in the skin due to temperature, moisture and movement; preventing inadvertent or over delivery of drug. The IsisIQ™ Patch is also a biosensor that can detect skin emanations, which may be indications of medical events such as heart attached, shock or diabetic reactions. Breakthroughs in pliable polyester substrate and hydrogels support lower cost development and manufacturing, as well as a more diverse range of delivery of drugs than is currently available. Moving forward, Isis Biopolymer technology will expand the worldwide multi-billion dollar market for transdermal delivery of existing and drugs in development for pain management, oncology, neurology, endocrinology, cardiovascular, CNS disorders, as well as therapies for chronic and acute conditions. Isis Biopolymer has developed not only the technology to revolutionize transdermal drug delivery, but also make it affordable as a result of our materials and manufacturing processes based here in the United States. Isis is focused on providing revolutionary (and cost-effective) transdermal drug delivery and biosensors to improve patient compliance and generate better health care outcomes.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, January 26 at the Drug Delivery Partnerships International Conference.

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