Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 DDP Awards: Pipeline Value Creation Nominee: Halozyme Therapeutics

Value Creation: Halozyme’s EnhanzeTM Technology for improvements patient-centric dosing

Halozyme’s EnhanzeTM Technology is a novel drug delivery platform designed to increase the subcutaneous absorption of biologics and to convert biologics from intravenous to subcutaneous route of administration. Two products utilizing EnhanzeTM Technology entered Phase III studies in 2009, creating significant value for the pipelines of Halozyme’s partners. As part of the Halozyme-Roche collaboration, subcutaneous formulation of HERCEPTIN® (trastuzumab) with EnhanzeTM entered a Phase III study in 2009. HERCEPTIN® is currently administered intravenously. EnhanzeTM Technology is anticipated to allow patients with HER2-positive breast cancer to administer HERCEPTIN® themselves with or without the support of a healthcare professional via a simple subcutaneous injection.

As part of the Halozyme-Baxter collaboration, subcutaneous GAMMAGARD® Liquid [Immune Globulin Intravenous] 10% (IGIV) with EnhanzeTM Technology entered a Phase III study in 2009. GAMMAGARD® is currently administered intravenously. Subcutaneous administration of GAMMAGARD® with EnhanzeTM could allow patients to receive a full monthly dose in a single injection site in their home setting, in contrast to other subcutaneously administered immune globulin products that require weekly administration at multiple injections sites simultaneously.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, January 26 at the Drug Delivery Partnerships International Conference.

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