Friday, November 13, 2009

New Bubble Gum Type Adhesive For Enhancing Drug Delivery in the Stomach

This article in Science Daily discusses how the reason why insulin can not be swallowed is because it doesn't survive the trip through the digestive tract, and because of this Tejal A. Desai from the University of California is looking to design new ways to deliver drugs orally that would help their absorption in the gut.

Tejal, working closely with a Bay-area biotechnology company, has designed devices that resemble spiny beads filled with drugs. The spines on the beads are filled with silicon and are designed to form an adhesive that covers the cell lining in the gut. This way, the drugs have a better shot of diffusing into the bloodstream. Tejal Desai will present shortly in her findings, what other methods of oral drug delivery will we see in the future?

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