Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are you getting ready for Biologics Drug Delivery & Beyond?

Biologics and RNA Drug Delivery is the groundbreaking conference showcasing cutting edge drug delivery technologies and advances in integrating them with biologic formulations to expand product pipelines.

We are pleased to bring this event to Boston, the hub of the east coast Biotech industry, making it easier and more affordable for you to attend than ever before. Attending the event requires no travel costs or investments.

• Gain competitive advantages by developing your biologic with needle-free delivery: discover the latest in needle-free delivery of biologics and learn how to reformulate your products for needle-free delivery
• Establish what technologies hold the most promise for advancing your biologics, RNAi, SiRNA, and DNAi pipelines to determine where investments should be made and resources should be allocated to
• Discover the latest scientific advances in biologics delivery and formulation for a clearer picture of where the opportunities and pain points lie, so you can inject a strategic POV into business decisions
• Address these development challenges and business opportunities with regards to how to overcome the challenges and formulate your drugs for different drug delivery methods

Visit our website for the comprehensive speaking faculty and complete agenda details.

So join us today and walk away with the technologies that will hold the most promise for needle-free delivery of biologics.

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