Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should Pharma readjust its marketing dollars?

A recent article at Fierce Biopharma looks at a report issued by the IMS that states even though Pharma has taken major steps and eliminated many of their sales reps, a lot still needs to be changed when it comes to Pharma marketing. The recent analysis stated that there needs to be $15 billion overhaul in promotional spending. New focuses for the drug marketing should be placed on drug-budget plans and how to be more cost effective when it comes to marketing. Read the full article here.

How can you re-adjust to be more cost effective when marketing to doctors? The MDRx: Physician Relationship Management Conference will help you navagate some of the new paths Pharma companies are taking:

· Gain insight into how physicians are trained, work and think to improve sales teams interactions
· Work in executive-led think tanks to develop key physician relationship strategies
· Improve satisfaction with your brand by optimizing your physician channel mix
· Better understand and responsibly adapt to the changing regulatory landscape
· Create customized education initiatives tailored to today’s physician
· Engage effectively and compliantly in social media initiatives

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