Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making the Business Case for Improving your Comparator Studies

The globalization of clinical trials has arrived. As you know, the increasing use of comparator studies means that you’re playing by a new set of rules. At this critical junction, you can either evolve in 2009 to stay ahead of the curve or choose to play catch-up and try to deal with the challenges as they arise.

We hope you join us this July at the Global Congress on Comparator Studies in Philadelphia. Meet with visionaries from Merck, Wyeth, Schering Plough Corporation, Bernstein CMCRegulatory Consulting, GlaxoSmithKline and Allergan, among many other participating companies.


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• Evolution of a Sourcing Strategy for a Midsize Specialty Pharmaco
Fredrick L. Naids, Ph.D., Senior Strategic Sourcing Director, Clinical R&D
• Supplier Identificationand SelectionCatie Cleary, Biogen Idec

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