Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Word of mouth marketing and Pharma

In a recent article at CNN, they explain the findings of marketers who set out to find out how word of mouth marketing travels for prescription drugs. It's anyone's dream for their product to pick up a buzz that travels and promotes a product. This particular study, done by marketing professors at University of Pennsylvania's business school set out ot find out who the "connectors," or those spreading the news about the new drug throughout social circles, for particular drugs. They started by finding physicians and what social networks they were a part of. In this particular study, they found that the proponent was a doctor with lots of connections that bridged two networks. He was well respected, but not outspoken.

The study found that so-called "sociometric" leaders like Physician 184 had more of an influence on word-of-mouth buzz than the self-reported opinion leaders, perhaps because the latter group tend to be less involved with their peers.

Read the complete story here.

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