Friday, March 13, 2009

Sam's Club Packages Electronic Medical Records Software

This article in Reuters discusses how Wal-mart's Sam's Club stores will begin selling packages including software and Dell computers directly to doctors for electronic medical records. Susan Koehler, a Sam Club spokeswoman, mentions that they are trying to help smaller practice doctors with the software and hardware needed to access medical records at an affordable cost.

Wal-mart already offers walk-in medical clinics, and this according to Susan is part of how they got the idea of offering electronic health packages. The package, which includes help with training, installation, and maintenance will cost the first doctor in a practice roughly $25,000 with each additional user costing around $10,000.

This all comes at a time when President Barack Obama is pushing electronic medical records as a way to cut healthcare costs, increase efficiency, and reduce errors. IBM already offers such software, it will be interesting to see the companies that will soon follow suit.

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