Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live from the ePharma Summit: RealAge and YOU: You staying Young?

Dr. Michael F. Roizen

Dr. Roizen discusses the "Two revolutions in Health"

Genomics & Stems

Personalized Medicine

Diverticulitis, getting emotionally involved in your body--how to get involved with your bodies and how they function. Must get enough fiber, 8-10 grams at breakfast and lunch so that you don't get the munchies the rest of the day. Most Americans get most of there fiber from dinner which is a waste. Getting to know and understanding your body helps to maintain and lower healthcare costs. The individuals have to keep up with their bodies to do what is best for them--understanding their bodies.


  • Understanding your body
  • You get a do-over
  • Why sugar and saturated fat injures your body
  • Why omentum is important to health
  • food, exercise and medicines are like friends

Prevention is different than wellness.

Bariatric procedures effect your desire to eat plus it cures diabetes and hypertension. Diabetic needs get removed after the operation. 70% cure rate of diabetes. Lifestyle changes can cure diseases and whether the genes are ratcheted up in the body to specific tendencies.

Type II Diabetes

Makes your RealAge 1.5. Older for each either with average and it adds on each year. With A1c, BP, LDL, HDL and TC Control.

Requires multiple medications to hit targets for diabetes management.

Name the drugs as "friends" to look at how that friends is helping them to achieve something positive for their bodies. Some have issues but more often than not, they are beneficial.

Tell patients: "You get to change your family history."

Smoking one pack a day makes you between 8-12 years older, but if you stop by age 35 you get all of that time back--a "do over."

Make your RealAge younger

  • BP Control
  • Cigarette Cessation
  • Stress Control
  • Patrol Own Health
  • Quality/Quantity of Sex
  • Nutritional Choices
Be sure to check out the Real Age books.

Aging at a worldwide concern...

All genes do is make proteins or watch other genes-- YOU control your genetic inheritance.
Walking 30 minutes per day can reverse your genetic heritage. Everyone one of us has weaknesses in our genes but it depends on how you enforce your body to do the right thing.

Our habits can change how and if we get breast cancer, colon cancer or prostate cancer. By doing exercise and correct eating habits--you get to determine whether your genes are on our not.

Adding 4 helping of broccoli per week can help knock out breast and prostate cancer. Adding one food in the diet can change the protein and the gene to change to eradicate the possibility of these cancers.

The USA has twice the disease prevalence as Europe. Why? We have twice as much illness and cost of illness because we have to change the Real Age number, people are younger they need much less care and less diseases occur in the population.

Fat in your belly is metabolic and it hormonally active and causes insulin resistance and inflammation in your body. Obesity is a 18yr problem in the US. We must make patients smart to drive the costs down.

Major Agers

  • Bad Genes
  • Oxidation & Inefficient Mitochondria
  • Stem-Cell slowdown
  • Declining Defences
...among others

Prevention is the key, not prescriptions.

You can't test to health, you have to live to health.

Lifestyle 180: enables patients to engage, attainable and provide practical ways for people to manage their lifestyle to prevent or care for a disease.

We must make patients smarter--we will stay competitive as a nation, is if we can drive down the cost of illness.

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