Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live from the ePharma Summit: Panel Discussion, Real Age


James Chase, Editor-In-Chief, MEDICAL, MARKETING & MEDIA


Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer & Chairman of the Wellness Institute, CLEVELAND CLINIC
Mike Wojeck, Vice President, Strategic Solutions, REAL AGE INC.
Mary Pietrowski, Director of Consumer and eMarketing, HOLOGIC
Laura Plummer, Patient Perspective
Bob Harrell, Director eMarketing, SHIRE PHARMACEUTICALS

Laura and Dr. Roizen discuss Laura's success from 44, smoker and overweight to one year later, healthy, non-smoker and a "do-over." Laura went on medicine to quit and didn't gain weight after she stopped smoking, because of Dr. Roizen's guidance. Laura was featured on Oprah.

Laura, "You can't talk the talk unless you walk the walk."

Laura has become a drug salesman to help them get healthy, keep good cholesterol and keep her BP down.

Q: What is a way that we can market and educate consumers about health--what's your idea of a smart patient?

"Think about the whole patient, look at the drug and think about solutions for the patients. Lifestyle changes--we can promote them to help and educate people. Why can't we promote a more holistic view of what healthcare can be? ...Look at the whole life and the roles that medication can play."

"We should empower patients. Offer them support so they understand what will happen to them, not from a scientific point but on a personal level"

Q: What is the role of online media to promote dialogue with patients?

"Provide an audience that is engaged about their health and elegantly introducing Novasure. There are medications out there that don't necessarily need to be owned but can be rented to get a better understanding of their bodies. Understanding where we can find relationships, dialogue and how to get involved. Work toward driving demand from a physician side."

"Women think that they must suck it up and not talk about the heavy bleeding with menstrual cycles, and we thought to educate the women about this procedure and the effects that heavy bleeding has on the woman. By targeting specific audiences through the website, they are able to share the education in conjunction with the product."

"Finding ways to engage the participants as well as the physicians."

Q: Laura, how did you benefit from the online space?

"It told me foods to eat, why they were good for me and what benefit I was going to get with that food. It helped me even cook foods that I'd never heard of..."

"The target audience for Real Age is 45 and women, Laura's age."

Talk: http://www.mammosite.com/

Q: What is the nugget that we as digital marketers can do tomorrow?

"Step back and look at your marketing strategy? What is the message and what are you trying to tell them. Why are you ready for Facebook: what is your message and is it appropriate?"

"Can the emotional engagement be done on a website?"

"Look at ways to flip your perspective as a marketer. Bringing out these patients stories in their own voice. Capturing stories in audio, video is expensive. We can participate more authentically with people."

"Educate people on how to talk to their doctor. Diagnostic tests, conversing with your doctor--very critical."

Q: Dr. Roizen, can you speak to the right kind and depth of educational material to really motivate change?

"We can get everyone engaged online like Laura was. We have the Lifestyle 180 program, which is 12 four hour sessions. Low cost sessions that are an hour of cooking, physical therapy, stress management and disease management. How do we reverse disease? Lifestyle management may be more important in keeping them out of the hospital--21 diseases in all. Giving educational materials and instruction so that they don't have to come back--but they do and we encourage them to do so. It has to be attainable, fun and emotionally engaging. A program of basics to make great tasting food that is good for them. Need web support but it has to be emotionally engaging. Online or in person, they must be emotionally engaged. Buddies are important, like online media--buddies are important. Getting the patient involved with another patient and getting them both involved--works for medicine."

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