Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live from the ePharma Summit: Panel Discussion, Tuesday AM

Nancy Phelan- Wyeth
Nan Forte- WebMD
John Fish- AstraZeneca
Kathleen Oniel-Hayes Oniel Consulting
Bob Lord-Razorfish
Paul Ivans, Chairperson

An increasing demand for emarketing, Pharma is going through a transition as the public asks more questions and we ask more questions of ourselves. More and more brands are putting patience assistance/coupons on their sites to drive the product. There will be a much larger increase for a demand in ePharma. Increased transparency and utility online, there should be a bigger emphasis on safety. We should see increased external and internal scrutiny and regulation.

Nan Forte--WebMD
Looking at Personal and Environmental Sustainability with its core values. Food and wellness manufacturers are repositioning themselves as "health and wellness" companies. Let's engage the right audience at the right time to go beyond DTC--beyond TV and TTYD is not a CTA anymore. Work toward branded engagement by Originality + The Perfect Fit = Purpose, your brand should fill a void or create a real need.

John Fish--AstraZeneca
Content at the point of consumption is the new pink...i.e., Web 4.0. Websites as destination strategies are dead. Micro blogging, applications, etc completely change how your customer views your product. Marketing Funnel is not a maze...look at timing, convenience and distribution. Keep a relationship with your content and with your grand. The customers are now the brand stewards--you don't have control anymore. You must relearn it. Web 3.0 and mobile location based services will game change online media and search advertising models. Web 4.0 will connect everything to the Internet that's worth connecting...

Kathleen Oniel--Hayes Oniel Consulting
Even with health care professionals, will go from audiences of millions to millions of audiences. The "new commercial model" developing in the industry will require Marketers to develop skills in Managed Carek Marketing and Health Economics and understand the art and operations of Mass Customization. Change must happen.

Bob Lord--Razorfish
Looking at the "Third Marketing Channel"-- social influence marketing. You must consider this, have a strategy and have a purpose for it. How do you want to accomplish it, how do you go about doing it... You want to get to the person to influences the buyers. The Power of Social is to get the "influencer" ROI...optimizing your way to great results.

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