Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live from the ePharma Summit: Chairperson Paul Ivans

Paul Ivans, President, EVOLUTION ROAD; Conference Chairman

Nancy Phelan, Executive Director, Consumer Communications & eMarketing, WYETH, Conference Co-Chair

--- Nancy was recently featured in Working Mother Magazine. Go Nancy!

Paul shares how the economy has impacted our business, but that its going forward. He also encourages attendees to network with the best of the best and anticipate working more with social media.

Look out for these great subjects:

  • Social Media and Web 2.0

  • Generating sales and ROI

  • Innovation

  • Integration

  • Web 3.0

  • Online Video

  • New Agency Models

  • Digital Research

  • Mobile

  • Helping People Live Healthier Lives
Paul stresses that Pharma is a good thing, providing information and support that allows people to live good lives. As digital marketers we are uniquely qualified to get the Pharm industry out of the valley.

People in this room will help people stay healthier, stay on the therapy that they need to be healthier.

As digital marketers we provide health info and support to make people make educated decisions about what pharmaceuticals that they should use.

Again, ePharma will help Pharma overcome huge challenges by driving the business.

Brand.com websites are driving--let's keep it moving.

Digital Connective Tissue:

But importantly, ePharma should address TV and Field Promotion issues, proving ROIs and driving millions to the right products and doctors--to ultimately drive people to better help.

Looking at the internet browswer, we can do so much--like advertising on steroids. Plus tomorrow, we can go beyond the browser to iPhone applications, Kindle and Wii Fit, etc.

Think of techonolgy and services as integral parts of what we do.

...and there are a lot of great starts from the FitBit to AT&T Telehealth.

What's in store for tomorrow?

Three things from Paul:

1. Think Big, really big and address the Industry's clinical issues
2. Get Pharma in The Game--social media, online video and mobile devices
3. Think products and services: Digital as Connective Tissue

Updated 2/11

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