Tuesday, September 6, 2016

INFOGRAPHIC: The Convergence Transforming Medicine

We at Biotech Week Boston are excited about a new era of biotech convergence that we're in right now. More and more labs are inviting what were once considered strange bedfellows - computer scientists, engineers, chemists, physicists, life scientists and others - to come together in the quest for novel ways to fight illness. We’ve created an infographic on this phenomenon, inspired by work done by MIT's convergence research as well as our new report: Convergence in Boston: How multidisciplinary R&D is driving bench-to-bedside breakthroughs.

We hope you enjoy our infographic. We are proud to say three innovators featured in this infographic will be speaking at Biotech Week Boston this October 2016. You can catch up with Jeffrey Karp’s newest discoveries and research at Biotech Week Boston's Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocessing and Commercialization event. Jeffrey's talk is entitled "MSCs on steroids". Stacy Springs will be on a panel entitled "Industry-Academia Collaboration in Translational Research and Biomanufacturing of Next Generation Biologics at the Bioprocess International Conference and Exhibition. And Kristin Ardlie will discuss discuss the newest GTEx Data and Analysis at Biorepositories and Sample Management.

We invite you to download our infographic. It's free and no email address or registration is required.

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