Wednesday, August 31, 2016

From bench to bedside: Stacy Springs and the BioMAN program connect theoretical concepts to real world application

In 1978, there were just 30 patents granted for biopharmaceuticals. Now biologic drugs make up more than 28% of all pharmaceutical sales - $41.7 billion in 2013. MIT CBI’s BioMAN program is focused on translating all of the research into successful manufacturing, so theoretical concepts can be turned into real world applications. They do this by bringing together thought leaders from across the biopharmaceutical industry including manufacturers, vendors, the FDA and academia. They also leverage the MIT research they have access to in order to advance new technologies as well as assess the global landscape.

Stacy Springs

This year MIT put out a report called “Convergence: The Future of Health” which states: “Convergence comes as a result of the sharing of methods and ideas by chemists, physicists, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and life scientists across multiple fields and industries…it needs to be applied to help solve many of the world’s grand challenges.” To that we can add - as scientific discoveries progress collaboration between the academic world, the government and manufacturers is key to solving these challenges. That is what BioMAN was set up to do.

We at Biotech Week Boston have asked writer Nick Paul Taylor (Nature, Fierce Biotech, Regulatory Focus) to report on several innovators who are contributing to this convergence of disciplines and institutional boundaries here in Boston, and Nick reports on the work Stacy Springs  is doing at BioMAN Institute. At BioMAN Stacy is the Director of the Biomanufacturing Program and Executive Director of the Consortium on Adventitious Agent Contamination in Biomanufacturing. We’re proud to feature her in our report “Convergence in Boston: How multidisciplinary R&D is driving bench-to-bedside breakthroughs”. BioMAN “fosters a collaborative research environment that brings together thought leaders from industry, the government/FDA and academia.” Click to download and read about Stacy Springs and MIT’s CBI BioMAN program (no email address or registration is required).

We hope you enjoy Nick’s in-depth report. You can catch up with Stacy Spring’s newest research at Biotech Week Boston's Bioprocess International Conference and Exhibition event this October. Stacy will be on a panel entitled "Industry-Academia Collaboration in Translational Research and Biomanufacturing of Next Generation Biologics".

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