Friday, March 4, 2016

Peptide Therapeutic Development in Korea

"Peptide therapeutics development in Korea has been focused on generic development, and peptide modification, or formulation technologies to make drugs have better pharmacokinetic properties, which result in the recent big license deal in this field in Korea."

Dong Seok Kim, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Peptron, South Korea recently sat down with the TIDES team for an exclusive interview that previews some of the topics that will be discussed onsite this May.

In this interview, Dong Seok Kim discusses;
  • The key regulatory challenges that peptide developers face
  • The advantages of sustained release for oligonucleotide/peptide therapeutics
  • South Korea's future in global peptide drug development

Drug Repositioning for Neurodegenerative Diseases using SR-Exenatide

SmartDepot™ is Peptron's proprietary technology for the sustained release (SR) microsphere formulations of various agents to provide once weekly or longer dosing regimens. Peptron is currently developing for T2DM a SR-Exenatide (once every two weeks), PT302, which is evaluated in a phase 2 clinical trials. The therapeutic potential of Exenatide in neurodegenerative disorders is being evaluated in various disease models such as AD, PD, and TBI. SR-Exenatide is expected to maximize therapeutic effects, increase drug compliance, and extend patent coverage.

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