Friday, November 20, 2015

Join Think Tank, a knowledge community focused on the antibody engineering field


We are pleased to announce the launch of Think Tank, a free knowledge community focused on the antibody engineering field. Join us! IBC Life Sciences, producer of the annual Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics conference, hosts these conversations to enable efficient knowledge exchange amongst practitioners. Insight is within sight.

This easy-to-use Q&A platform will enable you to:
  • Ask experts for advice
  • Share your knowledge
  • Build your expertise
This community has been built for professionals in a mobile world, who need high-quality answers to difficult questions from people with experience and expertise. We invite you to join and start using it to get expert answers to your questions and to offer your own insights to others. Together we can transform the antibody-engineering field.

Please join Think Tank and start connecting with experts and exchanging knowledge.

We look forward to seeing you on Think Tank!

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