Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bluebird Bio aims to "bridge the gap to commercial products"

Bluebird Bio's Mark Angelino addresses attendees
By Brian Caine

“Cell therapy products are happening. They are real,” Bluebird Bio vice president of pharmaceutical sciences Mark Angelino told attendees at Cell Therapy Bioprocessing & Commercialization 2015.

He took delegates through his company’s approach to their commercialization. “Bluebird has and will continue to evolve its manufacturing strategy as it progresses through development,” he said.

He said that the historical challenges such as low titers, low purity, tray-based production systems create scale issues and a reliance on vendor availability and flexibility.

To overcome these, Bluebird has worked at “reducing internal barriers, reducing technological barriers, working closely with vendors as a partner and vendor management”.

Bluebird takes a “total portfolio view,” he said, assessing the needs across programs. This assessment integrates and evaluation of the vendor space, “addressing both requirements and risk mitigation plans”, he added.

“Cell therapy products are happening. They are real,” he said. “There is a genuine development opportunity to bridge these to commercial products that will impact patient’s lives.”

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