Friday, February 20, 2015

How much more cost effective is a disposal technology approach?

Biopharmaceutical Development and Production Week speaker Siddhartha Shrivastava, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Downstream Process Development, Patheon recently took some time to sit down with us and discuss his upcoming presentation centered around downstream processing.  Today, he sheds light on the cost effectiveness of disposable technology.

How much more cost effective is this approach?
Sid: To answer this question I would like to explain the mAb or the industrial standard of gold standard of antibody purification. So, of course, as I said that requires a full battery of chromatographic columns that would be paired with the expensive resins. Among those expensive resins, the major resins which are used for antibody purification is Protein A, which is super expensive. So, that can be a significant. A 100 liter column would run upwards of around $1.6 to $2.5 million dollars. So, it is super expensive and the whole process costs millions of dollars. But, in the approach that we are going to present, you will see that we have replaced these expensive chromatographic columns with our collaborator company Natrix’s, hydrogel membranes, which has reduced the cost significantly. 
And we have also change the classical centrifugation approach to purify the harvest material or the depth filtration material with high capacity new material from Millipore called: “Clarasolve filters”. With the combination of these two systems, we have seen and we have estimated that there would be a significant savings in cost that would run upwards of millions of dollars in whole process. There is a significant chances that this process is very lucrative and very appealing and is also working very nicely.

In this interview Dr. Shrivastava also discusses the appeal of disposable technology and how it applies to the large scale.  Download the entire interview here.

Dr. Shrivastava will be presenting Disposable Membrane Chromatography Systems as a Platform for mAb Purification on Thursday, April 2 at Biopharmaceutical Development and Production Week.  As a reader of this blog,when you register to join us March 30-April 2, 2015, you can save 20% off standard rates when you mention code XB15155BLOGJP! Have any questions? Reach out to me at

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