Thursday, October 23, 2014

#BPIConf 2014: Collective Intelligence Is Vital for Disruptive Innovation In Biologics Manufacturing

Rizwan Manzer, Scientist with Experience in Pharmaceutical Drug Development, is on site at BioProcess International to capture the insights of our keynote presentations.

On the 3rd day of BioProcess International Conference Exhibition at Boston, morning plenary session was chaired by Peter Abair, Director of Economic Development and Global Affairs,
MassBio. In his opening remarks he emphatically mentioned the role of Massachusetts’s leadership position in the life science industry and how to prepare for the future to maintain same standing. He also shared the finding of Impact 20/20 report, that how Mass Bio is helping organizations to achieve success and creating economic activities in Massachusetts. Since there is drop in NIH funding and reimbursement is becoming uncertain, preparing industry for the future is becoming challenging. He strongly recommended companies to become patient centric and demonstrate the value to maximize the access to capital. He also recommended to leverage information technology to advance the life science industry.

In the following presentation, Ganesh V. Kaundinya, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, presented Understanding complexity in Biological System through Big Data Analytics – Application to Biosimilars and Novel Biologics and discussed how information technology and big data approach can be used in the life science industry to understand the complexity of biological system. In general big data approach allow better understanding, more amenable to statistical analysis and easy to create algorithms for normal and abnormal trends. However, in life science there are different types of data that generate heterogeneity and it’s difficult to come up with one algorithm. He talked about the core aspects of biosimilar platform which is define the target and understand what you are copying and generate depth of information about it. Once, cell lines with finger print for biosimilar is ready then go for the process optimization. Only finite number of genes, proteins, metabolites drives protein production, so use rational approach to manage key nodes that impact most of the protein production. When there is enough data, put them together to understand the relationship between different attributes and integrate different data. Momenta Pharmaceutical is also applying similar approach for their novel biologics program to design multi-target therapeutics for oncology and orphan autoimmune indications.

Next presentation was Delivering Innovation in Biotherapeutics Manufacturing: From Continuous Improvement to Disruptive Innovation, What Can Current Industry Trend Tell Us About the Next 10 Years, by Ralph Lambalot, Vice President Biologics Development AbbVie. He advocated to challenge the barriers of innovation and encouraged to question the established paradigm. In his presentation Dr. Lambalot talked about repetitive cycle of innovation and string of innovation curves in different fields and how non-conformity and collective intelligence are vital to stay innovative. He also highlighted the importance of innovation in the early stage of product design because as we progress in the development cycle, the window of opportunity for the innovation goes down.

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