Thursday, June 26, 2014

IBC’s Cell Line Development & Engineering Conference: Leverage Cutting-edge Technical Innovation in Bioproduct Development

Join us for IBC’s 2014 Cell Line Engineering & Development conference—Now celebrating its 10th anniversary.  This year’s program is aimed to help you leverage cutting-edge technical and process innovation in order to improve bioproduct development. 

What can you expect from this year’s edition?  How about 40 case studies and presentations of new data to help you:
  • - Implement new flexible, automated platforms with integrated data management to improve predictability
  • - Utilize synthetic biology principles to create new and better bioproduction lines
  • - Integrate cell line and process development to dramatically increase production for a difficult to express protein
  • - Develop biosimilars with novel techniques to control cell line and product quality
  • - Reduce risk and build success for process scale-up of PER.C6 processes
  • - Apply In silico models of metabolism and protein secretion that provide insights to guide cell engineering efforts
  • - Isolate clones with desired properties to assure stability and clonality through regulated-expression using flow cytometry
  • - Use directed evolution to optimize the cell line development process and identify cell lines with desired characteristics

Download the brochure to check out the complete agenda

Keynote Presentations

Accelerated Path to Probe the Biology through Deferred Cloning and Applying Platform Manufacturing Processes
Rohini Deshpande, Ph.D., Executive Director, Drug Substance Development, Amgen, Inc

The Genome as an Enabler of Product Attribute Control
Kelvin Lee, Ph.D., Gore Professor of Chemical Engineering, Delaware Biotechnology Institute Faculty Fellow, University of Delaware

Design of Next Generation CHO Cell Factories
David James, Ph.D., Professor of Bioprocess Engineering, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

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