Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cell Therapy Manufacturing: The Rapid Pace of Advancement

According to Jon Rowley, CEO of RoosterBio and Conference Chair of IBC's Cell Therapy Bioprocessing conference, this coming decade will see the incorporation of living cells into platforms such as engineered tissues, bio-robotics and implantable devices as well as others not yet imagined.  Rowley, a leading expert in this field, will be discussing the integration of biologics into a series of products at this year’s Cell Therapy Bioprocessing conference, September 15-16.  Jon has more to offer on the subject in the meantime and was recently able to weigh in on some of these innovations:

What are some of the most important cell therapy manufacturing innovations that you’ve seen over the last few years?

There have been many important advancements that have been highlighted and presented right here at the Cell Therapy Bioprocessing conference over the last few years. We are in a very interesting time in the field of cell therapy where, over the last 10-15 years, we’ve developed some very interesting product innovations that have shown a very good signal in the clinic.

Now, our field has kind of transitioned into an era of manufacturing process innovation. We are seeing a very rapid pace of advancements in manufacturing technologies. I think the advancements fit into two different classes. The scale-up of the cell culture and then the downstream processing, which are both equally important. I think that hands down the conversion to scalable bioreactor expansion methods for allogeneic therapies will be the most impactful on the field as these technologies allow for companies to both scale their bioprocess to commercially relevant lot sizes, as well as help to reduce overall cost of goods.

Also, the field has learned from the traditional protein biologic field and is attempting to proactively address downstream processing bottlenecks before they occur. We’ve seen advancements in continuous centrifugation, like the Ksep technology that will enable the volume reduction, washing of extremely large volumes of primary cells. This is critical as the field moves to these large-scale bioreactor processes.

Download the brochure to check out the rest of Jon Rowley’s interview.

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