Friday, May 9, 2014

BioProcess International Awards: Excellence in Leadership

The 2014 BioProcess International Awards celebrate and recognize the outstanding people, organizations and technologies that have significantly changed, impacted, and advanced the efficiency of biotherapeutic development and manufacturing process ultimately allowing the industry to deliver better, more effective treatments to a global patient base.  We're accepting nominations through June 27, 2014.   In the weeks leading up to the nomination deadline, we'll be spotlighting many of the award categories here. Visit the webpage to find out more.

Today, we spotlight the award for:

Excellence in Leadership

When we think of leadership, we often focus on upper-level management — CEOs, CFOs, and so forth. Your nominee may indeed be someone such as that. But excellent leadership skills can be found throughout a company’s organizational hierarchy and help that business achieve operational excellence, sometimes one process or department at a time. Your nominee may be a corporate officer who has demonstrated a strong vision to drive a company to greater commercial success; or it may the head of a Quality department that has successfully helped move a company out of a regulatory crisis. He or she may be appreciated as a strong mentor for those new to industrial biotechnology; a project manager who has guided his or her team toward a more efficient or timely project conclusion. Whose leadership this past 18 months have you especially appreciated, and why?

The BioProcess International Awards will be handed out this October at the BioProcess International event in Boston.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jennifer Pereira.

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