Thursday, May 22, 2014

A look at Genentech’s strategy for Research and Development

Today, we feature a video from BIO-Europe Spring. Mike Crowley at Genentech who works in the Research and Early Development portfolio shares some insight on his group and how they work to develop drugs from discovery through clinical proof of concept. His company is unique as they also the company has two arms with the same function – Roche also has a research and development arm. Although the two have the same overarching company, it allows for a diverse work style within the parent company and allows each branch to reach their desired products and portfolios.

In this interview, Mike shares:
  • - Michael’s background and how he came to start working with this Research and Early Development Group
  • - How to get the attention of this group to schedule meetings with them while at partnering events.
  • - Genentech’s focus on Oncology and Inflammatory diseases and how they will differentiate their products moving forward
During the interview, he makes the statement “the abundance of therapies on the market doesn’t equate to all the needs of the patients being met.” They take the effort to really understand the disease state of the patients who aren’t responding to existing therapies.

Watch the full interview here.

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