Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Call For Speakers

The deadline for speaker abstract submissions for the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Event is Friday, April 25, 2014. To submit a proposal, you will be asked to select the conference topic you are interested in, provide a 100-150 word summary of your proposed talk and provide your full contact details.

We are looking for presentations in the following topic areas:
  • • Going Deep: Finding Good Antibody Targets beyond the Low Hanging Fruit - Antibodies against Difficult Targets for Therapeutics
  • • Going Broad: High Quality Research Antibodies against the Proteome: TFs and other Binders
  • • Antibody Effector Functions
  • • Immunocytokine Engineering
  • • Antibody-based Therapeutics for Diabesity: The Link between Diabetes and Obesity
  • • Antibody Therapeutics for Non-Cancer Indications (Alzheimer’s, Infectious Disease, Autoimmune, Pediatric and other Diseases. MOA Studies and Biological Understanding)
  • • Next Generation Sequencing: Human Antibody Repertoires and Other Applications
  • • Immune Checkpoints: Target Discovery and New Agent Design for Antibody Therapy
  • • Immune Checkpoints: Preclinical and Clinical Development Case Studies
  • • Combination Antibodies and mAb Fusions (Antibody Mixtures, Fusions w/Cytokines or Other Biomolecules, ADCs, Combined Binding Domains to Create New Modalities)
  • • Targeted Immunomodulation in Cancer: Antibody-conjugated Cytokines and Adjuvants
  • • Antibody Biophysical Characterization/Preclinical Characterization (What to assess, How to assess and Why?)
  • • Research-Based Process Development of Antibodies (Discovery stage evaluations of formulation, aggregation, structure/stability, antibody production and purification )
  • • Preclinical and Clinical Case Studies of Antibody-based Therapeutics (Including PK/ADME data, discussion of clinical challenges, failure analysis)
  • • Antibody Targeting and Alternative Delivery (Going beyond tumor-targeting: Targeting to specific cells, tissues and organs)
  • • Antibody Modeling and Computational Design/Knowledge-based Design of Antibodies
  • • Preclinical and Clinical Case Studies: Emerging Targets, New Approaches
  • • Why is Choosing Targets for Bispecific Antibodies so Difficult?
Are you interested in exhibiting?  Find out how.

Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics will take place December 7-11, 2014 in Huntington Beach, California.  Register now for the lowest rates of the year.  You can also sign up for the latest updates on this year's program.

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